Peristaltic Pumps

Ragazzini choose the rollers on bearings “to squeeze” the tube without wear on its surface. The roller design eliminates the requirement for adding a lubrication ? uid inside the pump housing. Since there is no lubrication ? uid required, hose replacement is greatly simpli? ed without having to drain and dispose of a messy and possibly contaminated oil or glycerine solution


  • Capable of operating in either direction without flow variation
  • Capable of running dry without damage to pump or hose
  • Capable of pulling 98% of full vacuum
  • Valveless, sealless and glandless
  • Capable to transfer mixed phases without damages up to 40% of inner diameter
  • Capable to transfer sensitive products and pollutant products
  • C.I.P. permitted
  • Replacing of tube only
  • No contact between product and mechanical parts


  • Abrasive fuids
  • Corrosive fuids
  • Fluids with solid parts or sensitive fluids
  • Viscous fluids
  • Environmental applications
  • Chemical metering
  • Sludge transfer


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